Our Model



Green Education

Our Mission

The Circle of Life Memorial Gardens and Sustainability Center provides green burial options in a serene botanical setting for those seeking a peaceful resting place for themselves and their loved ones. Through our Sustainability Center we seek to inspire our guests to explore making impactful environmentally conscious decisions throughout their lives.

Our Vision

Maine’s vast and captivating landscape, from its rocky coastline to its heavily forested interior, is recognized for its beauty by residents and visitors alike. COL’s plan is to integrate Maine’s natural beauty with landscaped gardens to foster a fresh and unique cemetery experience. Green burials are an environmentally friendly alternative to mainstream burials, and the architecturally landscaped botanical memorial gardens offer the deceased a place to rest among native flowering shrubs, trees, and perennials. The Gardens will house sculptural art whose bases will hold vessels designed for the inurnment of cremains. Established forested areas on the grounds will provide space for a green burial among a natural setting. This mindful initiative includes standards established by the Green Burial Council, inviting families to leave a lasting legacy for their loved ones without harming the planet. COL seeks to become a leading green burials and sustainability educational resource by preserving Maine’s land and educating the community about the profound importance of sustainability.

Our Sustainability Center will serve as the hub of Maine’s eco-conscious educational experience for the young and old interested in learning how to reduce their impact on the earth. A team of educators and volunteers will teach people how to preserve our natural resources and learn innovative ways to reduce our impact on the environment through classes, a Repair Cafe, community space and gardens, as well as lectures on sustainable practices and living from experts in the field.