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Our Mission

The Circle of Life Memorial Gardens provides green burial options in a serene botanical setting for those seeking a peaceful resting place for themselves and their loved ones.

Our organization is an authentic model of the (re)emerging desire for natural burials.

The Circle of Life Memorial Gardens will be a proactive, ecologically mindful community leader and a progressive green-burial model in our ever-changing world. We will examine America’s deathscape and impart meaningful changes that work with and protect the environment.

COL will work with businesses and individuals that donate capital and goods or services to fund the educational, artistic and community components of our Memorial Gardens. By supporting the mission of COL, donors will not only make this first of its kind organization possible, but will be able to literally see their contributions at work as the gardens blossom, the bees flourish and broken and damaged items become useful again.

Green Burials

How green burials differ from traditional American burials and why the Circle of Life Memorial Gardens is different from any other cemetery in Maine.

Donate Land

We are on the hunt for the perfect plot of land to call home in Southern Maine.

Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consists of eight members with diverse backgrounds all drawn to our common mission.

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The natural end of all life is decomposition and decay. Instead of fighting it at all cost as we have for the better part of the last century–with toxic chemicals, bulletproof metal caskets, and the concrete bunker that is the burial vault, all of which will only delay, not halt, the inevitable–we’re finally seeing the wisdom of allowing Mother Nature to run her natural course. Our best last act may, in fact, be the simple act of using what last remains of our physical existence to fertilize depleted soil, push up a tree, preserve a bit of wild from development, and in the process, perpetuate the natural cycle of life that turns to support those we leave behind.

-From the book, “Grave Matters” by Mark Harris